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After reading an interesting article on the perception of surveillance around the world and in Art, I can across these two great tidbits:

“Live” the Movie: There is an independent movie that is based solely upon footage from surveillance cameras (that I want to see):

“ACCESS” the Art Project: There is an art project setup (and on tour) in Germany at the Center for Art and Media, were, via the internet, you get to “…track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system.” At first, I thought the link was to a recorded movie example, but no, it was a live control system that you could play with. Since it is in Germany, you have to accommodate their business hours to play with the system (but try it out, it is a blast):

LINK: http://www.accessproject.net/ (Click on the big RED writing to take control)

Hours of access (already converted to PST):

  • Wednesday – Friday: 01:00am – 09:00am
  • Saturday – Sunday: 02:00am – 09:00am
  • (Monday / Tuesday – closed)

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