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Orange wedge in the corner pocket

Monday, January 17th, 2005

Wow, I forgot that once you start recording dreams, you become more aware of them, and as you write them down, the frequency can grow exponentially. This time I had 4 seperate dreams I could rememeber:

[305a] I’m packing to go live in a cabin up in the mountains during winter. I was going through my house and making sure I had everything, asking my roommate, Nate, if there was anything I was forgetting. I then looked under the kitchen sink, where I found a stack of his subway sandwitches and some broken watermelons. I remember being relieved that I found them before they started rotting in there.

[425a] Someone had drawn a scene on my palmpilot. I took that, filled in certain areas with black, and then turned upside down. It now looked like this beautiful, stunning, futuristic bridge.

[520a] Tara was reading an instruction manual about her new present which was a witches broom. When I say witch, Im talking more Japanese Anime witch and less european witch. She really wanted to show off for Greg as a surprise/present for him.

It was a crime scene from CSI:LV. I was there to take over the main investigation because something had happened to the lab. There were these small red beads spread out all over the floor. I remember counting the beads, checking the concentration of them through out the room, to see if we could find the source of the explosion. On the way out, Sara [from CSI:LV] came over to tell me how she was currenly the focus of an internal investagaion about how she was being crucified for something she was doing/had done. I remember her being dressed up very nicely, as if she was heading to a date or formal dinner.

There was one juror that was complaining about the electrical charges in their [the jurys] seats and how it shouldn’t be lethal.

[655a] Playing a game of pool with Kristen in a poolhall. When we were racking the balls, I noticed that they were mostly cue balls. All of them seemed white, then as I looked around I noticed a second red solid ball. I thought we had somehow gotten a bunch of balls mixed in from other people’s tables. Then I noticed a few orange wedges, and thought that we might have mistaken them for the orange solid ball.

[I cannot tell if this was an extension of the last dream or a separate dream] I was online, looking up information on Babylon and some how cross referenced it with the pool stuff.