A taste of the future

We are still waiting to hear from both the current residents of the unit and the car rental place (guh), but this should go much easier today. I just dropped Kristen off at school (for her orientation), and I’m off to the ocean for some surfing lessions. Woot!



I had a blast, they took us out to an area call “The Spit” and then had us perform some warm-ups and then a run (they wanted to make sure we were fit enough to get into the water). They had us perform a number of practice steps while on the beach with our boards, before letting us out into the water. We all lined up and took turns going out to the main instructer in the water. At first he would hold our boards and have us lay upon it and then would push us with the waves as we paddled, once we had enough speed, we would attempt to stand. I was up most of the time, and was able to stay up until I ran out of wave. As we got better, they started sending us out in groups and then let us play to our hearts content. Let me warn you, surfing is a workout! My body is so sore, but I had a great time.

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