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What now…

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Somehow, while updating my gallery page so that people can add comments to the photos (which works by-the-way), it looks like I’ve somehow broken the embedded gallery on my blog.

You can still go directly to the photo gallery here:

I’ll let you know once it is fixed.

Decisions, Decisions

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Photos are working again: I finally got the updated gallery plugin working with the latest version of WordPress. While I was in there, I updated all my other plugins, and now things seem to be running smoothly. I still need to find a frame I like for my photo albums. I figure there might be a bump or two under the carpet that I’ll have to roll out, but so far so good :).

Re-provisioning: So lately I’ve been gathering some of my computer hardware together to see what I can build. I’m ramping up my business and I want to have:

  1. A good portable tool set
  2. A good lab for testing
  3. A good laptop for mixed environment design

So, I’m flashing the firmware on my Asus WL-500G Premium router with open-source firmware (either OpenWrt or DD-Wrt). I’m rebuilding my old 1.4ghz server to run CentOS and Xen, and I just got myself a brand new MacBook (WOOT!). We’ll see how this all works out.

New Toy: So I just purchased a brand new MacBook (black), I would have really liked the MacBook Pro (mostly for the matte coating) but I don’t like the larger sizes. I currently have a PowerBook G4 (silver, 12 inch) and it is a pretty good size for me, but (even though it is running just fine) I really need the Intel processor of the new MacBooks. The Intel proc will let me run VMWare Fusion, which means on one box, I’ll have Mac, Windows, and Linux. Perfect for my line of work. I also get the added benefits of faster graphics, better multitasking (dual core), built-in camera, the new Leopard OS, and more memory (4gigs of love baby). (oh and now I can play WoW on it *grin*)