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Not just another year…

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Woot! I turn 35 today, and it looks like Ms. Morgan has somehow set aside a “birthday weekend” for me. (I cannot tell you how excited I am). My birthday always seems to fall right beside some large event that everyone else is involved with, and as such, it kinda falls by the wayside. Sometimes I tell myself that I just have to plan my own party, but there is that small kid inside that doesn’t want to, he wants to be surprised. It looks like I’m getting my wish, the teasing and tempting has begun, bags in the fridgerator with notes that I’m not allowed to peek, instructions that I’m not supposed to exit my room after a certain point tonight, mad giggles of foreshadowing, blocks of time that I’m to set aside. (god it’s wonderful) 🙂 (I’ll let you know how it goes).


Against all odds, it turns out I’m heading to Burning Man this year. I originally had planned to skip this year, too many things seemed outawack for it to work out, then all of a sudden it seemed like the universe said “Brian, you are going!” I got offers for rides in RV’s, all my best friends are camping next to where I would have camped, discounted tickets were offered, our group got one of the best locations at BM, etc. So last time I had (8) months to plan, this time I have (5) days, holy crap! BM2008, here I come.


This year I’m going to be more active. I’m updating my online profiles, getting more involved in the communities that interest me, looking to travel a lot more, start some new activities, and follow where my heart takes me. I’ve been a bit bored lately and it is about time I did something about it.