Online Office

I’m starting a collection of applications that allow a user to be untethered from a specific computer or laptop. This came about because my laptop was stolen from my car one day and I had to continue working while waiting for it’s replacement.


  • gmail – new standard for online email (secure, searchable, good filters)
  • yahoo – original online email for many (other benefits, photos, files, all yahoo apps)

Bookmark Manager

  • – online standard for sharing bookmarks

RSS Reader

  • Google Reader – rss and webpage consolidation system
  • bloglines – online rss feed reader (sharing included)



  • 280slides – an online version of Apples Keynote, but exports PowerPoints and other formats

Diagramming Tools

  • gliffy – online, multiplatform (mac, pc, linux) diagram, work flow tool
  • Mind 42 – an online mindmapping site that allows collaboration

File Storage

  • dropload – great one time file sharing utility
  • box – online file storage with lots of options

Photo Sharing

  • flickr – online photo storage (with upload limits)

IM Chat

  • meebo – allows web access to yahoo, aim, msn, gtalk


  • wordpress – free wordpress blog for people who register
  • livejournal – online blogging for the masses

Social Networks


Online Collaboration

  • vyew – allows you to markup slides, documents, etc with a group of people. It also comes with a phone number for a conference call.
  • yuuguu – online screen sharing
  • EtherPad – live, multi-user document editing
  • Yugma – host or attend online meetings on Windows, Mac or Linux computers
  • DimDim – free web conferencing service

Runners Up

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