With so many conferences around the world, I’ve ended up needing a page to keep track of the ones I’m interested in….so here it is 🙂


DEFCON – is a security and hacking conference. Located in Las Vegas, always around the end of July and has normally run about $80. It is relatively new for me, and so far I’ve visited twice (12 & 13), I look forward to returning. (LAS VEGAS, $100, AUG 4-6 2006, RIVIERA HOTEL)

SXSW – is a multimedia/movie/music festival that runs for 3 weeks in Austin, Tx. It normally occurs early March each year. (This was where I started down the road to getting a MAC.) One added bounus is that I get to visit my brothers and their families. Costs vary with date purchased, and which combination of events you want access to (interactive, film, music). (AUSTIN, TX, $200-$900, MAR 9TH-18TH 2007)

LINUXWORLD – tours through 19 different countries around the world. This seems to primarly be an expo for business vendors/customers. It’s nice to just visit the expo and see some of the new products on the market (expo can be free with early registration), there are some hands on labs and training, but they will cost you. (SAN FRANCISCO, AUG 14th-17th, 2006)

TOORCON – has been providing a meeting place for many of the top hackers and security professionals from all around the world to get together and discuss today’s bleeding edge issues. (SAN DIEGO, SEP 29th-OCT 1st, 2006)

    2006-08-14 - 2006-08-17 /LINUX WORLD/San Francisco
    2006-01-23 - 2006-01-28 /LINUX CONF/New Zealand
    2006-03-15 - 2006-03-21 /CBIT/Hannover, GE
    2006-04-01 - 2006-04-01 /LISA/Washington DC
    2006-05-15 - 2006-05-19 /SANE/Netherlands 
    2006-05-30 - 2006-06-03 /USENIX/boston/
    2006-07-21 - 2006-07-23 /HOPE/New York
    2006-05-09 - 2006-05-12 /E3/Los Angeles





MAKER FAIRE – at the San Mateo Fairgrounds, the end-all be-all event for DIY hacks, homebrew gadgets, and other oddities and phenomena.

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