Good Samaritan

That was nice,

I was hanging out at a local coffee shop in Alameda when I saw a woman, with the help of a barista, trying her hardest to push a SUV out of it’s parking spot. It seems that the battery had died and they were trying to get it running. I didn’t see another car, so they didn’t have anyone to jump start it.

I’ve been borrowing my family’s Honda Civic for the past two weeks, ever since my car got totaled by a drunk driver while it was parked. It happens to have one of those portable battery/jump starter units in the trunk. (woot), So I headed over and offered to help out. I wasn’t sure if the battery was fully charged or if it could even handle a SUV’s starter system, but it worked like a charm. The lady thanked me, and headed out.

I’m seriously thinking of getting one of these for myself now 🙂

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