I’m back….

…or so I’d like to delude myself. I’ve been strangely absent from my blog, busy out and about with my life, but I’d like to come back and start updating again.

  1. I’m moving! Yes, I’ve just signed a renters lease and should be moving by the end of the month. I’m really looking forward to this, I get my own kitchen, bathroom, I get to unbox all of my stuff (most of it PRE-Austraila) and feel like I have my own place again (ok, not really my “own” place, I will have a roommate) WOOT. I’m so happy. It’s a nice two bedroom on the second floor, and we get a garage (which is really saying we get free storage space). And by “we” I mean Morgan and myself. She’s going to be my (un?)lucky roommate (along with Charley and Cooper, the cat and dog combo that are her “kids”). If you want to see some pics, you can find them here: http://picasaweb.google.com/binarynomad/NewHouse NOTE: these pics are with the previous tenent still there (sadly, the big tree out front is now gone :’-( sniff sniff )

  2. My business is doing very well, I’m book almost every day now, I’ve got prospective clients lined up, and I am having to decline people due to my schedule. It’s great! I’m also looking at revamping (or finally building) my business website, and actually getting business cards (which I’ve been sorely lacking).

  3. Taxes are over and I’m thinking of using my Federal Stimulus package on an iPhone (you cannot seen the enormous grin on the other side of the computer, but believe me …. it’s there)

  4. Social life is busy, I’ve got friends with weekly events happening almost every night of the week, and this coming summer seems to be filling up quite quickly.

  5. Travel has been quiet lately, I wanted to goto Austin, TX for SXSW, but my budget and client load talked me out of it (especially with the looming costs of moving fast approaching). I’m looking forward to going to Defcon in Las Vegas at the beginning of August, and perhaps LISA in San Diego in September. I also am working on plans for Christmas in Austin with my brothers and then Australia in January 2009 for http://linux.conf.au/. I had a tempting possibility for Thailand in Dec, but I haven’t seen my family in a while and it is about time.

  6. I’ve got too much I want to learn. Always more and more on the tech side (security, networking, communications, business solutions, etc) and almost no time to study. I’ve been missing my photography bug (and yet I still have over 280 directories of photos I still need to process…guh). I’m hoping to ramp up my cooking skills now that I’ll have a kitchen. I’ve also got two possible options to learn dancing (which is still a phobia).

  7. My “anal-retentive/organizational side got an unprecedented booster shot the other day, THIS came in the mail. All I need now is a laminator and I’ll rule the world (oh wait, I can find one at CostCo Business Center…muhahahahahah). It’s sad, I now get just as excited when I walk into a Staples or Office Depo as I did walking into Toy’s R Us when I was a kid (what’s wrong with me … don’t answer that).

I think that’s enough for now. Ciao.


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