Wave Organ…

This last Saturday was fun, I’ve been fighting something (again) so I was taking it somewhat easy, but I got to see some new things.

It started off with Si introducing me to The Wave Organ which is this amazing art project situated in the bay, just below the Exploratorium. It consists of about 25 pipes that run into the bay to create a hydro-powerd natural organ:

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Afterwards we made our way through the city over to Amber’s house, for tea, and socializing where I got to see this video of this amazing young (untrained) singer Nick Pitera. From there we dropped by the Futon shop so Si could check out her new (possible) bed options, and then finally ending back at her house where we watched Wings of Desire, a beautiful german movie which is in essence a love story about the city of Berlin (trailer)

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.

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  1. Jefferson says:

    Ack! I should have read this sooner. We were at the Exploratorium last Saturday! I would have loved to check it out …

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