I get knocked down …

… but I get up again.

WTF!!! I didn’t order any “kick in the teeth”! Yesterday, while working at a clients office location (in a building attached to a Church) I got into a discussion with the Executive Director about Projects we were working on. We continued the discussion in his office for about 30 minutes, after I got back, life got pretty sucky!!

I found that:

  1. My brand new MacBook laptop had been stolen ARGH!!
  2. I hadn’t billed any of my clients for November or December (my fault, I should bill more often), and all of my notes were on the calendar.
  3. I didn’t have a backup of the laptop because the backup software I own (SuperDuper) was still working on a Leopard compatible version that was “Due out any time”. So I was holding off (what’s an extra week … well, it adds up).

If you find me in either a quiet or grumbly state for the next few days, you now know why.

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One Response to “I get knocked down …”

  1. Renee Dillon says:

    …leastways it seems your business is going well enough to have clients to bill.


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