Exploring The Hinterlands


This last Saturday, a bunch of us got together and headed up to the hinterlands. We first stopped off at an alpaca farm where we got to pet a few and admire the rest. It is amazing how cute they are, and how soft their wool is, but with price tags of upto $450 for some sweaters, we (gladly) avoided the local store. (geez)

We continued up to O’Reillys, which is part of the the Lamington National Park, and dropped by the local store to grab some bags of seed. In this area, the local birds are quite spoiled by a constant supply of gullible tourists, and as such this situation has granted them a absolute brazen attitude when it comes to getting food. Now stripped of any hesitation, they land, at will, on you to gain first access to the grains you have presented. Yes, we all became human perches with free food. (it was a blast)

After grabbing a bite to eat ourselves, we then continued up into the forest, walking the paths, up onto the skyway bridges, and at one point climbing two very steep sets of ladders to a lookout point giving way to the valley. We then continued along to the botanical gardens contained within the forest. Kristen and Bryan were lucky enough to spot (and photograph) a few lizards, while the rest of us enjoyed the fauna.

At one point we thought about taking the longer waking path, but decided against it due to the long drive back and the fact it was getting darker.

On the way home, the sky opened up and it began to downpour. I hadn’t seen that much rain for months, and I believe the local reservoirs were quite elated (while the spectators of the Indy 300, currently taking place, were not).

Back home, I cooked up a Beef & Asparagus in a Black-bean sauce for dinner which everyone seemed to like. We ended the night with a great game of “May I” accompanied by dark chocolates, cookies, and wine.

What a great day.

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  1. Renee says:

    …actually the beef thingy was delish! That was such a great day.



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