Need to get moving

Lately, with it being cold(er) (it’s winter here ya know), no visitors, and working on my laptop lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting out of shape. I did try going back into the ocean last week, and it wasn’t that bad after the initial shock of the water temp, but it seems to have been (low) enough to remove that “inviting” feel of the ocean (at least for now). So I’ve been interested in finding a way to get some more exercise into my routine. I’ve done some walking around the area, but there really isn’t much to see here (I get bored easily), and regular gym memberships are those (heavy) investment ones that want you to sign up for a year (yada, yada). Luckily, Kristen just told me about an indoor climbing gym (that her physical therapist told her about) just down the road. We’re going to check it out when she’s feeling better. I found their online site: Paramount Adventure and the pricing looks really promising.

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