Just got back from seeing (The Skeleton Key) with Krisen, Bryan, Alicia & Toby. It was ok, not really that scarey, a few (quiet to loud) sound effects, turn the corner into someone type of surprises, but not too much in the scary genre. The next movies I’m looking forward to seeing are:

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose The Brothers Grimm Serenity Harry Potter The Chronicles of Narnia Night Watch (and a smattering of a few others)

(geekspeak) So, on the work front, the network is switched. All we are left with now are a few minior services that have configuration issues, but other than that, we are finished. I took a flat, 254 node, static network, and expanded them to a vlan’ed, 1022 node (per segment), network with dhcp and dns services. We now have DMZ areas, VPN areas, testing and LAB networks. The works. It’s great. (/geekspeak)

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