Work is interesting. We are in this limbo where our group is still going through changes, both in headcount and in responsibilities. Today I found out my title change will not incorporate any payscale changes yet. (again with the carrot) Upper management wants to see us grow and go forward before even considering it. Lets forget that Rob and I pretty much moved both companies togeather 2 years ago when both the Telecom and IS managers took off right before the start. We’ve been trying to hold togeather a system that is sorely understaffed and under resourced for 24 months now and they want to see significant progress before considering any compensation. I think the thing that gets me the most is that I’ve been covering three full time jobs “2nd and 3rd Tier Desktop support”, “Telecom Manager”, and “Server Administrator” this entire time on a reduced salary. What gives?!? (Grrr)

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