OpenTv 10th Anniversary

Today we (OpenTv) celebrated our 10th year of being in business.

I’ve only been with them since they acquired Wink Communication back in the Summer of 2002, and it’s been a pretty rough ride: 3-4 acquisitions, office consolidations, satellite office creations, 2 different Ceo’s, multiple manager switches, feast or famine budget, revolving door turnover, etc.

But you know something, I’m really looking forward to 2005. My department finally seems like it has a good foundation, a supportive manager, solid budget, increased resources, a better reorg of positions and duties, and a realistic roadmap.

The CEO/Chairman took this opportunity to treat everyone. Celebrations were scheduled worldwide. The San Francisco and Mountain View offices were bussed to the Sony Metreon in downtown San Francisco where a popular pub/pool hall “Jillians” was rented for the event. I’ve included a few shots and a caricature from the party. It was a fun time, and the best part was the general morale was the highest I’ve ever seen it since I joined.

Here is to 2005 cheers

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