Prager Port Works

I had a great time sunday, two of my best friends, Gen and Josh, were in town and Gen had planned an outing to Napa for port tasting as a surprise for Josh’s birthday.

We met up with Jeff, who was dressed up as Pope Innocent X for Halloween and then drove up to St Helena. We decided to grab some lunch while waiting for Eden to meet up with us. She’s currenly taking ground school to learn how to fly ultralights. (Which reminds me, I need to call the hang-gliding instructor 🙂 )

Prager Port Works is a family run winery just off of 29 on Lewelling Ln. Just outside were two visitors that had either a busy day or too much wine tasting.

The tasting room was a small area just past a storage room containing the main casks. It seemed a tradition akin to “Joe was here” seems to have started a while ago, all of the walls were adorn with bank notes that had signatures, jokes, etc from past visitors.

Our timing was great because I was lucky enough to grab a shot of three generations of the Prager family in one photo. The oldest is 97 years old and still going strong. wow

Afterwards, we had a group shot came out great! (ph33r the pope!)

When we were done with the tasting, we decided to go for a walk in the fields outside. I grabbed a number of shots, some macros, that I think came out great. I especially like the leaves, barbed wire and orange flower.

On the way home, Edens car unfortunately got a flat tire. Gen fixed it, as we all offered moral support. Gen rocks

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