La Fondue

There’s nothing like good food with good company 🙂

Last night we all went out to La Fondue in Saratoga, Ca for Marlyn’s birthday. I think this was my fifth time there, but I got to try a number of new dishes.

With 6 people we had quite a variety: * SALAD: Choice salads with some great dressings. (I personaly suggest the “Sweet & Sour with Blue Cheese Crumbles) * CHEESE FONDUE: Pesto and Cognac & Stinking Rose (both were excellent, though we finished off the Stinking Rose) * ENTREE FONDUE: Punsch & Grilling (with assorted meats, I really enjoyed the grilling, especially with the garlic butter. Punsch is a wine broth fondue) * DESSERT FONDUE: White Chocolate & “The Decadent One” (BEWARE!)

By the end of the night we barely could move. You’ll notice in the two group photos, we are all either leaning or sitting, I’m surprised we made it home safe 🙂

This is a GREAT place to go once in a while, your wallet may not like you very much, give or take about $40 per person, but your palette will worship you.

You can find the La Fondue web site at:

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